About Us

We are a congregation committed to following Biblical
teaching.  God's Word is our final authority for Daily
living and practice. 

As flawed people we recognize our dependence upon
the Love and Grace of God.  We strive to be a 
congregation reflecting the image and practice of Jesus,
friendly and passionate, striving to influence anyone we
meet on our daily earthly journey, just like Jesus did.

We are honored by everyone's attendance and 
participation at any of our assemblies, and look 
forward to meeting new people in our community.

As individuals and a body we seek to reflect the image
of Jesus by Loving God,Loving People and Serving as 
we have opportunity.

Have a prayer request or question about God, Jesus, 
the Bible, or even a question about our congregation 
please e-mail us at contactus@cofcwsbg.org and 
we will respond to your inquires.