What to Expect

You are honoring God and us with your presence.  As our guest we are here to serve you.  Relax and enjoy the opportunity  to communicate with and worship GOD

You may be asked to fill out a Visitor’s Card.  Giving us this information is an  indication you would like us to contact you.  If you prefer to decline, feel free to do so.

Our purpose in assembling is to praise God as a family and encourage one another. Our assembly time  opens with prayer requests, upcoming events and a time of prayer.  As a unified body we sing songs of praise to God.

Our music is a cappella,
without the accompaniment of instruments.
After a few songs we observe the “Lord’s Supper”,  a weekly memorial initiated by Jesus. At this time we focus on the incredible sacrifice Jesus made to  cleanse our sin.  We participate in this weekly memorial because of the examples set by the first century church and teachings from the Bible.
Plates of unleavened bread are distributed, this bread
symbolizing the sacrificed body of Jesus.  Every Christian is given an opportunity to partake of this emblem.
Following this, trays  of “wine” grape juice, representing the BLOOD sacrifice at the crucifixion  of Jesus is passed among the people for their participation.

This memorial focuses our attention on the death, burial, and the resurrection of Jesus and serves as a  constant reminder of GOD’S incredible love for each  one of us. reminds us of the love God shows each of  us.

Immediately following the Lord’s Supper an opportunity is presented for the members of the church to contribute financially.  Guests are not expected to make a contribution, but are welcome to participate in this opportunity.

Following this time of meditation and prayer a sermon from God’s Word will be presented.  At the  conclusion of this presentation there is always an opportunity for people to respond to acknowledge answered prayers, significant events of Gods activity in their life, prayer requests, confession of sin, or requests to be baptized for the forgiveness of sin and to be added to the Family of God.

It is our prayer and hope our assembly and worship is  uplifting, inspirational  and an encouragement to you  so that you can be reminded of God’s constant presence as you face the new week